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Imagination, thoughtfulness and hope

Spricka förlag is a publishing house located in Malmö, Sweden. Our ambition is to have a broad publication that can provide space for imagination, thoughtfulness and hope. A special emphasis is on Christian theology. But such a theology is about “God and everything else”.

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Without its cracks my world would be
a room without a view.

— Dave Bookless


New in our book publishing

Books are friends. They are some of the friends that make you who you are.

— Stanley Hauerwas


News and info

To the print shop

First book is underway and life’s fascinating contingency

It’s something special. The print files for the publishing house’s first book have been sent to the print shop. And soon is Roland Spjuth’s long-awaited book “Om Gud och allt annat” (“About God and everything else”) here. This raises my thoughts. Surely it is strange how the threads in one’s life story are woven together! Life is really contingent in an exciting way. What?

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Cave crack

Why not start a publishing house?

I sit there in the summer greenery six months ago. The sun rays are interspersed with raindrops. Blue sky is interspersed with dark clouds. And then it strikes me: Why not start a publishing house?

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There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.

— Joseph Brodsky


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