Om Gud och allt annat

Roland Spjuth

A book about the central beliefs of the Christian faith. It is an important contribution to a richer understanding of Christian faith in a time when belief for many has become increasingly private and alien to reality.

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What is faith about? A common answer today is that it is about something private and marginal. InOm Gud och allt annat, Roland Spjuth claims that Christian faith speaks of the entire existence. Belief in God affects not only how we look at the divine or something called spirituality, but also how we look at everything else in life.

Om Gud och allt annat provides a thorough review of the Christian beliefs’ central convictions, their biblical foundations, and the historical events that shaped them. But it also shows how Christian convictions can still provide a meaningful understanding of existence and practical guidance for people seeking the good life. The book thus provides explanations for classical beliefs such as the Trinity, creation and reconciliation. It discusses what faith means for the view in such areas as science, suffering, freedom, spirituality and fellowship. It also shows the practical consequences these beliefs have for people’s lives.

The book is an important contribution to a richer understanding of the Christian faith at a time when the faith for many has become increasingly otherworldly.

Roland Spjuth is a senior lecturer in systematic theology at Akademi för Ledarskap och Teologi and associate professor at Lund University. Among his other books are found Kristen moralhistoria: sökandet efter det goda livet (Spricka förlag, reissue 2020).

Said about Om Gud och allt annat

“We live in a time when what just seemed solid and stable is changing rapidly. In such a time, a theology is needed that gives both broad perspectives and deep roots. This is exactly what characterizes this fantastic book by Roland Spjuth. It is an introduction that is accessible and clear, but at the same time you can live with it a whole life. Spjuth has for many decades been one of Swedish theology’s most important voices: a low-key voice, more focused on conversation than cocksure proclamations. It’s one of the most important books you will ever read. “
Joel Halldorf, associate professor, university lecturer in Church History at Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm.

“Well written, erudite and challenging theology
I read it on the patio, in the shade of lovely-smelling jasmine bushes. From the leaves of the book rises another fragrance, the one that Paul calls the fragrance of Christ knowledge. Or just the fragrance of Christ. It is no less lovely. … This will probably remain one of the most important books I have read.”
Birger Thureson, journalist and writer, Dagen 14 juli 2020, s 11

“I think it is the most interesting systematic theology that has been written in Swedish since Gustaf Wingren’s ‘Credo’ which came out in 1973 and many have come since then.”
Arne Fritzson, social worker, pastor and theological secretary in the Uniting Church in Sweden and doctor of theology, Facebook

“It is throughout an enriching reading in which the believer’s life appears as a mystery of the incarnation. … an excellent example of a humble but devoted believer’s seeking, and exemplary for personal seeking and common deepening in congregations seeking to create a healthy environment for spiritual growth.”
Petra Carlsson, associate professor in Systematic Theology, senior lecturer, priest in the Church of Sweden, Pilgrim nr 3, 2020, s 56-58

“… very urgent and worth reading …”
Birgitta Carlquist, reviewer at BTJ, BTJ-häftet nr 17, 2020


Roland Spjuth


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