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Spricka förlag is a publishing house located in Malmö, Sweden. We started our business in the spring of 2020. With the help of a network of qualified people — who work in both church and society as well as academia and the media — our goal is to have a broad publication that can give room for imagination, thoughtfulness and hope. A special emphasis is on Christian theology. But since we have a postsecular perspectivev, such a theology is about “God and everything else”.

Christian theology is about "God and everything else based on its relationship to God".

Thomas av Aquino (1225–1274)

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What do we want?

We hope that our publication will be able to…

Stimulate imagination

Graffiti ballon on b/w house wall

Stimulate an imagination that breaks through closedness and fear, thereby encouraging openness, wonder and joy.

Uphold thoughtfulness

Think before you speak. Read before you think.

Uphold a thoughtfulness that challenges thoughtlessness and self-assurance, thereby contributing to listening, conversation and dialogue.

Awaken hope

Hope against all hope

Awaken a hope that can see the light that can shine through cracks and the opportunities that can be born in the tears.

Friends, high five

a grand little publisher

Who are we?

Spricka förlag is part of Inmedit AB. The CEO and publisher is Bengt Rasmusson. Bengt is a media consultant and theologian (studies at Örebro Theological University and Umeå University).

As contributors, advisors and critics (and sometimes as writers), the publisher has the privilege of having several qualified people attached to itself. Together they form an editorial board. It is these individuals that make the publisher and its publishing much more interesting than it would be on its own.

The editorial board includes:
Annika Carlstein, cityplanner.
Arne Rasmusson, professor in systematic theology at University of Gothenburg and extraordinary professor in the Theological Faculty at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.
Birgitta Rasmusson, pastor at Hyllie Park Kyrkan, Malmö.
Carl-Magnus Carlstein, doctoral student in the New Testament at Uppsala University.
Fredrik Wenell, associate Professor of systematic theology at the Academy of Leadership and Theology, Örebro, and co-owner of the company We Are Mountain, a company that works with leadership in companies, organizations and associations..
Maria Ledstam, doctoral student in ethics at MF Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo, Norway.
Roland Spjuth, lecturer in systematic theology at Örebro Theological University and at Academy of Leadership and Theology in Malmö, as well as associate professor in systematic theology at Lund University.
Samuel Åsberg, Master of Systematic Theology at Åbo Akademi.

Publisher name

What's in a name?

Why is the publisher named “Spricka” förlag (= Cracks publishing)? Well, there are many reasons. But the main reason is that the name suggests some basic beliefs or convictions that we hope to be reflected in our publishing. Some of these beliefs can be seen in the quotes below.

God in the crack

Without its cracks my world would be
a room without a view.
Cracks may be uncomfortable, disturbing gaps

Could it be I need them?
Do you believe in cracks?
Because I keep looking for God in the room
And find he is hiding in the cracks.

— Dave Bookless, from the poem “Cracks” (1990)

Live with a crack

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

— Leonard Cohen, from the song “Anthem” (1992)

Create a crack

The challenge of hope is the introduction into a closed age, into a tight security, into an autocephalous organisation, into an autonomous economic system, into totalitarian politics, of an opening, a breach, a heteronomy, an uncertainty, and a question.

— Jacques Ellul, Hope in Time of Abandonment (1973/1972)

Joy as a rupture (crack)

Grace has a grand laughter in it.[har]

— Marilynne Robinson, Gilead (2015/2004)

Joy is the disposition that comes from our realization that we can trust in surprises to sustain our lives.

— Stanley Hauerwas, The Peacable Kingdom (1983)

Joy overtakes sorrow without extinguishing it.

— Karl Barth, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1986, 1956)

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Policy regarding privacy and handling of personal data

Refers to spricka.se.
Version 1.00, valid from 2020-01-15

1. General

This policy regarding privacy and handling of personal data (”Privacy Policy”) describes how Spricka förlag (“SF“, “we“) — a part of Inmedit AB, Org no 556214-1993, Hammarbacksvägen 93, 238 36 Oxie, Sweden, e-post: info@inmedit.se, (”Inmedit”) — collect, use, post and store your personal information.

We at Inmedit/SF protect your privacy. We always prioritize the protection of all information that our users and customers entrust us with and we comply with the laws and regulations that exist, such as the General Data Protection Regulation. An important part of the protection is that the person concerned is informed of the usage that are being performed. On this page we provide you with a description of how we collect, use, share and store your information. This information is only valid for the spricka.se website and for the services and products found on this site.

2. Controller

IInmedit is the controller for SF’s processing of your personal data and is responsible for such treatment in accordance with applicable law.

3. When do we process your personal data?

Inmedit collects and processes personal data about you when you visit SF’s website, order products or services, use SFs support, or when you otherwise contact SF.

4. What personal data do we process about you?

4.1 For you visiting SF’s website

The personal data we collect and process about you who visit our site are:

  • IP address

For more information, see paragraph 11 about cookies below.

4.2 For you who contact us via or use social plugins on SF’s website

The personal data we collect and process about you who contact us via or using social plugins on our site are:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Case information that you provide
  • IP address

By using the site and its services, you may be offered to share information from the website and its services on social media – such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – via an implemented social plugin (such as a like button). If you choose to share information via a social plugin, your browser will transfer some data to the social media. For more information, see paragraph 11 about cookies below.

4.3 For you who become a customer at SF

The personal information we collect and process about you as a customer of ours:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • E-mail address
  • Case information that you provide
  • Account information
  • Identification No
  • Orderinformation
  • Payment details
  • Financial information
  • IP address

5. Why do we process personal data about you?

5.1 For you who visit SF’s website

We process your personal data for different purposes. We mainly process them in order to:

  • Prevent fraud and carry out risk management.

5.2 For you who contact us via SF’s website

If you contact us via SF’s website, we process your personal data in order to:

  • Comply with our obligations to you as visitors, such as providing support, answering questions, and correcting incorrect information; and
  • Prevent fraud and carry out risk management.

5.3 For you who become a customer of SF

If you become a customer of SF, we process your personal data in order to:

  • Comply with our obligations to you as a customer, such as offer e-commerce, ulfillment of agreements, provision of support, answering questions, and correcting incorrect information; and
  • Prevent fraud and carry out risk management.

6. The legal basis for our processing of your personal data

6.1 We process personal data for the following purposes based on the stated legal basis.


Legal basis

Categories of personal data

Time stored

Prevent fraud and carry out risk management

Legitimate interests

  • IP address

45 days

To provide information and support

Completion of contract for use of contact form

  • Name, address, phone and e-mail
  • IP address, device information, log information

Two years after you last been active at Inmedit/SF, for example, by contacting our customer service

In order to handle orders and purchases

Contractual obligations according to SF’s general terms of sale

  • Name, address, phone and e-mail
  • Account information
  • Identification No
  • Orderinformation
  • Payment details
  • Financial information
  • IP address, device information, log information

Five years after your latest activity by Inmedit/SF, for example by ordering products

To ensure that legal requirements are complied with, such as the Accounting Act

Legal obligation

  • Name, address, phone and e-mail
  • IP address, device information, log information

As long as we are obliged to store the data according to applicable law

To market Inmedit/SF and our goods and services by mail, e-mail, phone and SMS / MMS

Legitimate interests

  • Name, address, phone and e-mail
  • IP address, device information, log information

Two years after you last been active at Inmedit/SF, for example, by contacting our customer service

6.2 None of the above treatments means that we make automatic individual decisions, including profiling, on you.

6.3 Your personal data will only be stored as long as there is a need to save them to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy (see table above under 6.1). Inmedit may save the data for longer if necessary to comply with legal requirements or to guard Inmedit’s legal interests, e.g. if there is a legal process going on.

7. Who do we provide personal data to?

7.1 To fulfill the above purposes (see table 6.1), your personal data will be processed by us but may also be handed over to and treated by our service providers, such as IT providers (for example, web hosting) or marketing partners (for example, newsletter system). We take all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that information about you is handled securely and with an adequate level of security when transferring or sharing to third parties.

7.2 Any third party Inmedit/*SF discloses information to or otherwise provides information about a customer may use the information only for the purposes of selling and marketing SF’s and SF’s partners’ services and products or for the purpose of providing services related to Inmedit’s website or an agreement with you as a customer.

7.3 Personal data may also be submitted by Inmedit if it is necessary to comply with applicable legal requirements or governmental requirements, to safeguard Inmedit’s legal interests or to detect, prevent or pay attention to fraud and other security or technical issues.

7.4 Inmedit/SF may transfer your personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA, if any of Inmedit’s providers or partners are located there. If personal data are transferred to any country outside the EU/EEA, Inmedit will take steps to ensure that personal data remain protected and also take the necessary steps to legally transfer personal data to non-EU/EEA countries.

7.5 We will not sell your personal data to third parties unless we have your permission.

8. Change of Privacy Policy

Inmedit/SF has the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time. Inmedit/SF will promptly notify you of any changes to the Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the changes, you as a customer have the right to terminate any agreement with Inmedit/SF before the amended Privacy Policy enters into force. You can terminate the agreement by contacting Inmedit/SF.

9. The protection of your personal data

You should always be able to feel confident when you submit your personal data to us. Inmedit/SF has therefore taken the security measures needed to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, change and deletion.

10. Your rights

10.1 Inmedit/SF is responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.

10.2 Inmedit/SF will, at your request or on its own initiative, correct, disidentify, delete or supplement information that is found to be incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

10.3 You are entitled to request

  • Access to your personal information. This means that you are entitled to request a registry transcript of the processing we conduct regarding your personal data. You are also entitled to receive a copy of the personal data being processed. You are entitled to once a calendar year, by written application, receive a registry transcript of the personal data which are registered about you, the purpose of the processing and to which recipients the information has been provided or are going to be provided. You also have the right to get information about from where the data has been retrieved if the personal data have not been collected from you and the predicted period during which the data will be stored or the criteria used to determine this period. You also have the right to obtain information about your other rights listed in this paragraph in the registry transcript.
  • Correction of your personal data. We will on your request, as quickly as possible, correct the incorrect or incomplete data we process about you.
  • Deletion of your personal data. This means that you are entitled to request that your personal data be removed if they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected. However, there may be legal requirements which prevent us from not immediately delete your personal data in, for example, accounting and tax laws. We will then end the processing done for purposes other than complying with the legislation.
  • Restriction of processing. This means that your personal data is marked so that they can only be processed for certain delimited purposes. You may, for example, request a restriction when you consider your information incorrect and you have requested a correction under paragraph 10.3 b). While the accuracy of the data is investigated, their processing will be limited.

10.4 Inmedit/SF will notify each recipient to which personal data has been disclosed in accordance with paragraph 7 above regarding any corrections or deletion of data and limitation of processing of data.

10.5 You are entitled to data portability. It implies the right to, under certain conditions, extract and transfer your personal data in a structured, widely used, and machine-readable format to another controller.

10.6 You are entitled to object to personal data processing being performed on the basis of a legitimate interests. If you object to such treatment, we will only continue treatment if there are legitimate reasons for treatment that weigh heavier than your interests.

10.7 If you do not want us to process your personal data for direct marketing, you are always entitled to object to such treatment by sending an email to kundservice@inmedit.se. Once we have received your objection, we will cease processing your personal data for such marketing purposes.

10.8 You are entitled to file any complaints regarding the processing of your personal data to the Datainspectionen, datainspektionen@datainspektionen.se.

11. Cookies

11.1 Spricka.se uses a limited amount of cookies. A cookie is a text file that is saved when connecting to a website, and at later visits, is downloaded from the visitor’s computer or computer-like devices, for example mobile phones/tablets. The cookie is saved in connection with the files used by the computer’s browser or corresponding software.

11.2 On spricka.se, first party cookies are used. First party cookies is set by the site directly invoked by the user when specifying the site’s address by entering text or clicking a link. First party cookies are used on spricka.se to identify the user and remember settings.

11.3 Spricka.se also uses third party cookies from the Google Analytics third party service (https://www.google.com/analytics). As the service is set for inmedit.com, it only provides anonymized statistics information. Third party cookies are also used from the CleanTalk spam protection service (https://cleantalk.org/) which checks visitor IP addresses and postings submitted via web forms.

11.4 In-depth information about what cookies are and how to clear/block cookies, visit www.minacookies.com.

12. Contact

12.1 Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the processing your personal data or requesting a registry transcript. Contact information can be found below.

12.2 Information on personal data processing at Inmedit/SF

Inmedit AB (556214-1993) is responsible for the processing that occurs when visiting or using available products and services on the site. Please contact us at the address, e-mail or telephone listed below.
Mailing address: Inmedit AB, Hammarbacksvägen 93, 238 36 Oxie, Sweden
E-mail: kundservice@inmedit.se
Phone: +46 (0)40-54 90 32

12.3 Data Protection Officer

Inmedit has a Data Protection Officer who gladly receives your questions regarding personal data and data protection. You can write to the e-mail address listed below to get in touch with this person
E-mail: dataskydd@inmedit.se

12.4 Registry transcript

For requests for registry extracts, please write your request to the address below.
Mailing address: Inmedit AB/Spricka förlag, Hammarbacksvägen 93, 238 36 Oxie, Sweden
E-mail: kundservice@inmedit.se

12.5 Complaints

If you feel that we have processed your personal data incorrectly, please contact us at kundservice@inmedit.se or submit a complaint to Datainspektionen at the following address.
Mailing address: Datainspektionen, Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm, Sweden
E-mail: datainspektionen@datainspektionen.se